I'm a developer who was lucky enough to discover how much I liked to code and create products for the people eight years ago.

The best part about coding is to create new products even if they're just for my personal use. Feel free to ask me about Kuaderno, Pokemap, Sharktrap, Finder (better than Tinder), HereAndNow and more.

I'm the CTO of Milton Education (Kuaderno) where we teach English and maths to the kids. My work goes from the very first part of the frontend to the last query that goes against the database. I had to learn how to manage a team of developers and how to keep the balance between the business team and the tech team to keep everything working.

I've been involved in the educational world too, teaching how to code to people from zero to junior level and helping them to join real-world companies.


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P.S: I <3 drumming, my neighbors don't.